Grant Recipients: How to Get Reimbursed

  1. Make two copies of your receipts.

  2. Keep one copy for your records.

  3. Attach one copy and the originals to either a Petty Cash Request Form or Expense Report (available on the Division of Business and Finance website).

  4. Fill out the form EXCEPT for the sections asking for a Chart String, Account Number, Fund, DeptID, Program, and Project/Grant.

  5. Do not include sales tax. Sales tax will not be reimbursed.

  6. Submit the form with attached receipts to Ingrid Pabon, Office of the Arts, MS 092 or Office of the Arts, Mandel Center for Humanities, first floor.

Use a Petty Cash Request Form if your receipts total less than $100 and you would like to get cash from the financial office at 60 Turner Street. The Petty Cash Request Form is available on the Division of Business and Finance website in the Cashiering section.

Use the Travel and Business Expense Report for all other expenses EXCEPT for stipends, professional fees, and payments made directly to vendors. You will receive a check in the mail about two weeks after turning in your Expense Report. The Travel and Business Expense Report is available on the Division of Business and Finance website in the Accounts Payable section.


You can be reimbursed for local travel by Uber, commuter rail, bus, car, etc. For MBTA or any expenses less than $25, you do not need a receipt. For mileage driven in a personal vehicle, include a copy of your route.

Stipends and Other Professional Fees

Say you hire a professional musician to perform a piece you wrote. For tax purposes, this person must be paid by Brandeis directly. Do not pay this person yourself. Have them write an invoice and fill out a W-9 form (pdf). If they are already in the Brandeis system (if they have been paid by Brandeis before) they don’t need to complete a W-9.

Payments Made Directly to a Vendor

Say that you order clay from a company that does business with Brandeis and will bill us directly. You give me the invoice and I will fill out a Payment Request form to have a check sent directly to the clay company.


You must include original receipts, not copies.