Grant Recipients: How to Get Reimbursed

  1. Make two copies of your receipts.

  2. Keep one copy for your records.

  3. Email or bring the receipts to Giuseppe Desiato in the Arts Engagement office, Mandel Center for Humanities, first floor.

You will receive reimbursement as a direct deposit (if you are on Brandeis payroll) or a check in the mail about two weeks after turning in your receipts. 


You can be reimbursed for local travel by Uber, commuter rail, bus, car, etc. For MBTA or any expenses less than $25, you do not need a receipt. For mileage driven in a personal vehicle, include a copy of your route.

Stipends and Other Professional Fees

Say you hire a professional musician to perform a piece you wrote. For tax purposes, this person must be paid by Brandeis directly. Do not pay this person yourself. Have them write an invoice and fill out a W-9 form. If they are already in the Brandeis system (if they have been paid by Brandeis before), they don't need to complete a W-9.


  • Receipts should be itemized, meaning all items purchased should be shown, not just a total amount.

  • For online orders, combined printouts of an order confirmation (not a shipping cart) and a shipping confirmation constitute an original receipt.

  • If items are purchased with a check, attach a copy of the processed check.

  • Rarely, some stores only give out written or email receipts. In this case, the following should be included in the paper.

    • Date and time of purchase

    • All items purchased

    • Store’s phone number, complete address and name of a cashier

  • International purchases: Proof of payment in foreign languages must be translated into English. Please also provide the translator's contact information. If amount purchased is in foreign currency, convert the foreign currency into the U.S. amount based on the rate on date of purchase, not before or later. Print out from a web page for the rate used to convert the expense to U.S. dollars and attach to proof of payment.