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Ingrid Schorr
Director, Office of the Arts


The Office of the Arts was founded in 2003 to cultivate the performing, visual, and cultural arts at Brandeis University as an essential component of a liberal arts education and research study.

The Office of the Arts is dedicated to:

  • Integrating the arts into the life of the Brandeis community 
  • Uniting communication and collaboration within the Division of Creative Arts and among other Brandeis arts programs
  • Serving as the central information resource for the arts at Brandeis
  • Inspiring, advocating for, and supporting student engagement in the arts
  • Honoring diverse cultural traditions and encouraging new and interdisciplinary forms of art
  • Celebrating art as an expression of the idealism with which Brandeis was founded: truth, education and justice
  • Raising the profile of the arts as a means to enrich creative thought and social activism

In pursuit of these goals, the Office of the Arts seeks to fulfill the vision of Justice Louis Brandeis, who wrote: "The function of the University in respect to the arts should not be limited to promoting understanding and appreciation. It should strive to awaken the creative instinct, to encourage its exercise and development, and to stimulate action."

The Office of the Arts is an administrative unit of the Division of Creative Arts