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BOLLI Member Liaisons

Member Liaisons offer BOLLI members the opportunity to voice their questions and concerns. The Member Liaisons encourage you to communicate with them, and welcome your input on all matters concerning BOLLI.  As appropriate, they will be happy to convey member ideas and initiatives to the Advisory Council and Director.  To reach the Member Liaisons, please consult the member contact list on the password protected members only page.


Merle Berman

merleMerle Berman has been a BOLLI member since the Fall of 2019. Although originally a Social Worker, she has spent the bulk of her career in the field of education - teaching children and adults, coaching teachers and school principals, and working as a School Administrator. Merle has taken courses at BOLLI on Race, Science, Architecture, Photography and Ethics, deliberately spanning topics which take her outside her comfort zone and stretch her thinking.



 Gail Mann

GailGail Mann has been a BOLLI member since the Fall of 2017, after practicing law for almost 40 years, most recently as General Counsel of a large company. Gail has taken a wide variety of courses and especially enjoys Gil Harel’s music seminars. She participates in the New Yorker fiction salon, is a member of the Conversations on Race special interest group, and frequently participates in the BOLLI book group. Gail is particularly grateful for the new friends she has made at BOLLI.


Sandy Miller-Jacobs


Sandy Miller-Jacobs has been a BOLLI member since the Fall of 2015, after working in the field of special education for almost fifty years. She enjoys taking BOLLI courses in literature, art, memoir writing and photography and is a member of the photography special interest group. Sandy is proud of having a photo published in the BOLLI Journal 2017-2018 and of having exhibited four of her photos at 60 Turner Street. She is also the proud creator of three BOLLI Study Groups, most recently Aging with Enthusiasm, Grace and Cheerfulness, and currently co-leads BOLLI’s newest Special Interest Group, Aging with Resilience and Enthusiasm.


Abby Pinard


Abby Pinard joined BOLLI in 2014 where she has been drawn to courses in literature, music, and art, co-leads the book group, and has found the miraculous opportunity to make late-in-life friends. Abby is a former software executive, former bookseller, current freelance writer, and native New Yorker who came to Boston to be among her people: family and Red Sox fans. She’s a lifelong book nut, music lover, crossword puzzler, baseball fan, and political junkie who flunked Halloween costumes but can debug her daughter's wifi. 


Susan Schmidt

Susan Schmidt

Susan M. Schmidt joined BOLLI in September 2018.  She retired in 2017 as a dental hygienist/office manager after 40 years of being in private practice.  Susan enjoys having the opportunity to take courses that were not available to her while studying dental hygiene at University of Michigan.  She also enjoys participating in the Lunch & Learn presentations as well as being a member of BOLLI’s Book and Photography Groups.  Most of all, Susan is enjoying reconnecting with former patients and making new friends. 

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