Brandeis University recognizes that its staff are essential to the vibrancy and achievements of our community. To help give voice to staff ideas, concerns and suggestions, BUSAC was chartered in 2017 as a representative body for the Brandeis University staff.


The purpose of this committee is to improve the work environment for Brandeis University staff through discussions and actions that influence policy; develop and enrich staff; and promote ongoing, meaningful and deliberate improvements to the staff experience.

The committee is comprised of elected and appointed staff members from across eleven university districts.

How does BUSAC work?

Brandeis staff members can raise issues to the committee in a number of ways. All staff can send their ideas, concerns and suggestions to Additionally, each committee member's email can be found on the District Representatives page.

The BUSAC Committee meets monthly, as well as regularly with the university's senior administration, as needed. Subcommittees and smaller working groups meet more frequently to ensure that the work of the committee moves forward.

What information can I find here?

This website serves as a central information point for staff members interested in:

If there is additional information related to the functioning of BUSAC that you would like to see posted to this website, please let us know