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Route Maps and Schedule of Stops

For more information on how to use the Brandeis shuttle, see the Shuttle Service Guide.

Aerial view of the Brandeis campus.
Daytime Campus Shuttle
Two people walk down Moody Street in Waltham.
Daytime Waltham Shuttle
Aerial view of Brandeis and Waltham.
Combo Route
View of the Boston skyline.
Boston and Cambridge Shuttle

Alternative Routes and Services Provided by the MBTA

Shuttle Service Guide


Daytime Campus Shuttle ScheduleDaytime Waltham Shuttle ScheduleClass Breaks Combo Route Schedule | Weekend Combo Route ScheduleBoston and Cambridge Shuttle Schedule

  • Days of service: Stay informed about the days each route is active.
  • Loop or direction: Most route segments run in a single direction. Some route segments have stops in both directions on the same road.
  • Timepoint stop: The first time table includes time point stops, where buses always stop as close as possible to the listed times.
  • Intermediary stop: The second table has the complete list of stops, including intermediary stops, where buses stop if you request a drop-off or flag a pickup.
  • Pickup and drop-off times: Each stop lists pickup and drop-off times throughout the day. Determine the pickup time using the closest timepoint stop.
  • TripShot schedule: Bold purple bordered stops are timepoint stops.

Route Maps

Daytime Campus Route Map | Daytime Waltham Route Map | Class Breaks Combo Route Map | Boston and Cambridge Route Map

  • Stops: The black and white circle icons on the map represent all stops. Use the schedule to identify time points and intermediary stops.
  • TripShot map: Use TripShot map to track your bus in real time.

Planning your Pickup

For bus arrival time at your stop:

  1. Locate your pickup location on the map;
  2. Locate the closest time point stop;
    • If the bus stop closest to your location is before your intended stop, the bus will arrive at your destination shortly after the specified time.
    • If it is past your stop, the bus will arrive shortly before that.

General tips

  • Download TripShot app for scheduling, tracking, and notifications.
  • Arrive five minutes early to your bus stop.
  • Observe the days when each route is in operation.
  • Plan for possible traffic delays, especially during peak hours.