Birthright Israel

Public Use Datafiles

Birthright Israel is the largest educational intervention in the Jewish community. Since its inception in 1999, it has engaged more than 350,000 young adults on 10-day educational tours of Israel. Since 2000, researchers at the Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies (CMJS) at Brandeis University have carried out a program of evaluation research designed to assess Taglit’s impact on participants. Several dozen research studies have been conducted, principally focused on North American applicants and participants. The findings have been reported in research monographs, peer reviewed journal articles, book chapters, and books (see here). Because the focus of CMJS’s evaluation studies has been on program impact, most of the investigations involve surveys that are analyzed by comparing participants to similar others (applicants who do not go on the program). Depending on the cohort, surveys have been conducted pre-program, as well as post-program (from 3 months to 10+ years).

CMJS and Birthright Israelare committed to making its datafile collection available to qualified researchers. Datafiles from the first ten years of evaluating Birthright Israel will be made available upon request, with subsequent years to be released later. Datasets have been prepared according to established standards for restricted public use datasets and will be provided with detailed user guides and codebooks. Use of the datasets will be subject to the approval of ­Birthright Israel’s Research Committee. The Committee has approved the protocol for use of the data and will review proposals for access.

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A partial list of the datafile collection is below.  Survey instruments are available here.

Jewish Futures Project

  • Wave 1 - 2009
  • Wave 2 - 2010

Pre- and Post-trip surveys

  • Winter 2008/2009 Cohort
  • Summer 2008 Cohort
  • Winter 2007/2008 Cohort
  • Summer 2007 Cohort
  • Winter 2006/2007 Cohort
  • Summer 2005 Cohort
  • Winter 2003/4 Cohort
  • Winter 2002/3 Cohort
  • Winter 2001/2 Cohort

Follow-up surveys

  • Winter 2010/2011 Cohort- Winter 2011/2012 Cohort (2012)
  • Winter 2006/2007 Cohort- Summer 2010 Cohort (2011)
  • Winter 1999/2000 Cohort – Winter 2001/2 Cohort (2004)