Ordering Closed Captions

Videos on Brandeis websites must have captions for accessibility.

YouTube offers free automatic closed captioning, however, autocaptions are not always very accurate. You must edit auto captions for accuracy and punctuation, and this can be very time consuming. If you choose to outsource your video captioning, we recommend using Rev.com. Rev captions must be reviewed for accuracy, but the editing required is minimal.


The following video platforms integrate with Rev — meaning your finished captions can be added to your video automatically. The standard university templates also support these video platforms:

Note: You may also order captions without integrating your video accounts. Once your caption file is complete, you will need to manually upload it to your video platform.

Integrating Ensemble with Rev

If your department has an existing Ensemble account or library, or you will be producing videos through Media Technology Services (MTS) in the future, Rev can integrate with Ensemble.

Contact Eli Jacobson in MTS to request a local Ensemble username and password. Please do not use your Brandeis UNet credentials in Rev.

Ordering Captions Through Rev