Response and Action Steps to the Black Action Plan

As a department, our mission is grounded in listening to the voices within our community and serving as allies, educators, activists, and service leaders. The Department of Community Service has read, reviewed, and discussed the demands and progress of the Black Action Plan. Over the recent years, our team, both professional staff and student leaders, have engaged in numerous conversations centered around social identities, race, and the lived experiences of the volunteers that engage (or may not engage) with our department. Although the Department of Community Service has been intentional with programming over the years, we acknowledge that we have room for growth. Through engagement in conversations, training, and as always, listening to the voices of our community, we have outlined some action steps for us to continue to ensure we are inclusive, anti-racist, and that our values, core competencies, and learning outcomes are embodied by each of our campus and community partners. This brief document outlines a glimpse into the training/professional development of our staff and students (recent past and future), policies, programs, and communication plan in response to the Black Action Plan. 

In staff conversations, we also brainstormed a variety of other programs and opportunities that will require additional resources (staffing, time, research) to advance forward. The action steps above are not to represent singular moments in time, but rather create a framework for ongoing conversations, programming, and leadership of the department. As we advance forward, the department will make a commitment to celebrate and uplift differences, and consider equity by ensuring all marginalized populations are represented and supported throughout the department. We commit to elevating our voices when we witness moments of racism and when our social identities are not being celebrated.  We seek the partnership of our students, staff and faculty colleagues, community partners, and alumni in this important work. If you have questions, suggestions, or comments please feel free to reach out to any member of the team or Lucas Malo, Director of Community Service.