Waivers & CORIs

WKC with photo release

As a volunteer with any Brandeis-affiliated club or organization, you must complete some important forms. Please call the Department of Community Service at 781-736-3237 if you have questions about any of the forms or procedures below. We are here to help you get the most out of your volunteer experience and would love to meet with you to discuss the best way of collecting this information for your particular club.

Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) Form

If you will be volunteering at a community organization that works with children or families, the organization will most likely CORI/SORI you, and you won't need to get paperwork from the Department of Community Service. 

It could take up to four weeks for the state to process your CORI background check, so please plan accordingly. You will not be able to begin volunteering until your CORI has cleared.

We are not authorized to complete CORIs for personal internships and extracurricular projects — those must be completed with the organization with which you will be working.

In-Person CORI Appointments

For booking in-person appointments, students can visit the Department of Community Service for a quick a 10-minute appointment. Please bring their Driver's License, State ID or Passport. Please also know you Social Security number if they are a U.S. Citizen. As a reminder, this process typically takes about 3 weeks, but it could be longer due to the delay with the USPS. Priority is given for Drop-In appointments below:

All Volunteer Training

The All Volunteer Training (AVT) provides student volunteers with a one-stop shop for all forms and tools needed to begin volunteering, including information on volunteer expectations, risk management, self-care resources, best practices, and additional community engagement leadership opportunities. Volunteers will also learn more about the diversity, strengths, history, and needs of the Waltham community through our one of a kind Waltham: The You Know workshop. The goal of this program is to provide volunteers with information relevant to all Brandeis student volunteers, supplement program-specific volunteer trainings, and best prepare students for their work and engagement in the community. As a part of the training, students are asked to read through the information, complete the required volunteer forms, and respond to the questions embedded throughout the training. All Volunteer Training is mandatory for all volunteers engaging with the community while at Brandeis.

Please complete the All Volunteer Training linked here at your own pace and get ready to volunteer! We will also be offering an in-person All Volunteer Training on Thursday, September 30th at 7:00 PM in the SCC Multi-purpose Room. Volunteers can either participate in the virtual experience on their own, or attend the in-person workshop led by members of the Department of Community Service team. Register here if you'd like to attend the in-person workshop. For any questions or concerns please reach out to the Community Engagement Ambassador for Training and Volunteer Retention.

Student Waiver and Release of Liability Form

Any student who volunteers, regardless of whether it is an ongoing occurrence or a one-time event, MUST fill out a Student Waiver and Release of Liability form. 

Waivers should be filled out every year for all Brandeis participants, even if you filled out the waiver last year. It is essential that the department has student waivers on file for EVERY volunteer.

Student Waiver Form

Other Forms and Waivers