Alumni Spotlight

Seth CoburnSeth Coburn ’10

Waltham Group Coordinator, Kids Connection

What were you involved with on campus as an undergrad?

I majored in psychology with a minor in Classical Studies. I played intramural softball, basketball and soccer. I also participated in several clubs including the Cooking Club. In the Waltham Group, I split my time as a Program Coordinator for both Kids Connection and Community Connection, where I helped develop programming and coordinate volunteers for the Boys and Girls Club and YMCA. I was an active volunteer myself, jumping into opportunities as needed.

Did anything in the Waltham Group impact your career trajectory? Values? Ethics? How else has the Waltham Group impacted you?

The Waltham Group left an indelible impact on my career trajectory in both a personal and professional sense. The mission of the Waltham Group centers around community service, correcting social injustice and boosting the livelihood of others in the surrounding community. I bring that same mission wherever I live, devoting my time and resources to those who are disadvantaged or are in a time of need. Professionally, as an aspiring registered dietitian the same mission remains; providing the tools and education to empower individuals to improve their well-being.

What is your most vivid Waltham Group memory?

I remember the Waltham Group meetings like they were yesterday; we had a really active and passionate group committed to making a difference, which carried outward into the incredible impacts we had in the Waltham area. The Program Coordinators treated their participation as seriously as their studies, and I remember the committed attitude of our coordinators expanding the Waltham Group reach to the point where we needed more coordinators. At some point we were so big we needed a large conference room to accommodate the new members.

What advice would you give to other WG students or alumni?

The act of showing up and being present in both mind and spirit leaves an impact on the person or group of people you are supporting, and your acts of kindness radiate outward like a ripple in a pond. I remember partnering with the YMCA to bring Waltham Group volunteers to facilitate some of their programming, and one child grew to remember some of our regular volunteers and would spread cheer around the facility because “cool college kids are here to be with us!"

Looking back at your Brandeis experience as an alum, what do you wish you’d done?

I wish I had done more self-reflection to figure out my career passion, maybe done more experiential learning, networking and informational interviews to learn about possible career paths. I also wish I had developed my critical thinking skills more thoroughly — all those projects, papers and exams are not only testing one's subject-based knowledge but also develop problem solving and analytical skills.