Alumni Spotlight

Anastazyia Vareschi

Jasnam Sachathep '12

What were you involved with on campus as an undergrad? (e.g. major, Waltham Group program, other?)

As per my nature, I am an extremely active person who always finds something to do. Apart from pursuing a double major in Economics and International Global Studies, I was a CA for two years and also an active member of many clubs/groups. I stayed connected to my roots through SASA and Namaskar and satisfied my drive to make a difference through programs such as Habitat for Humanity, General Tutoring and visits to homeless shelters. I also worked two jobs on the side!   

Did anything in the Waltham Group impact your career trajectory? Values? Ethics? How else has the Waltham Group impacted you?

I always knew I wanted to work in a field that would allow me to be a changemaker. Waltham Group was one of the many important stepping stones in my own personal growth. The value we placed on committing ourselves to a cause drove us to make that difference. As the co president of Habitat for Humanity, I personally feel like I learnt so many skills that were then transferrable to the “real world” post graduation. After graduation, I worked a couple of NGO jobs, attempted a start up, and worked at a social enterprise. I must say that Waltham Group was a big part of the journey!  

What advice would you give to other WG students or alumni? (could be anything). 

I would say to always try a little bit of everything! You might not know what you love or are passionate about but dipping your toes into something new may just open new doors.  

Looking back at your Brandeis experience as an alum, what do you wish you’d done? 

I think I had a pretty wholesome experience as an international student! :)   

Where are you in your life now- both locationally and career - wise? 

I live in Bangkok, Thailand and am currently a full time mom of two babies. My elder son is 2 and my younger daughter is almost 4 months old!