Alumni Spotlight

Anastazyia VareschiAnastazyia Vareschi ’09

What were you involved with on campus as an undergrad? (e.g. major, Waltham Group program, other?)

I studied history and was a coordinator for Service without Borders (then known as Volunteer Vacations). I was also a gallery guide for the Rose Art Museum and volunteered with Hiatt as a peer advisor.   


Did anything in the Waltham Group impact your career trajectory? Values? Ethics? How else has the Waltham Group impacted you?

I've worked in education and non-profit spaces since graduating, and my experience with Waltham Group definitely informed those career choices. Through the WG, I learned about how to engage meaningfully with the community I live in and also about more operational skills like budgets, funding, and running meetings.  I recently completed a master's degree in clinical rehabilitation counseling at UMass Boston and am currently a Youth and Family Counselor for DC-based non-profit Latin American Youth Center. I'm also running a small business focused on integrating mental health, mindfulness, and embodiment to enhance wellness. WG without a doubt provided me with the confidence and tools needed to put my values and passion for community care into action. 


What advice would you give to other WG students or alumni? (could be anything). 

There's a lot of pressure to go as fast as one can and get as much done as possible, but more and more, I'm learning the value in focusing on one thing at a time, and then maybe even taking a pause before starting the next thing. Easier said than done, but worth striving toward! 


Looking back at your Brandeis experience as an alum, what do you wish you’d done? 

This is random, but I wish I had taken a swimming class instead of testing out of the physical education requirements.


What question do you think we should have asked you? (and answer it)! 

What makes you most proud of being a Brandeis or Waltham Group alum? 

hough I feel like the phrase social justice has been misappropriated and misconstrued over the last decade or so, I remain deeply connected to Brandeis's social justice mission. In practice, this looks like continuing to find ways to positively engage, staying curious and open-hearted, and working toward creating better, stronger, more equitable communities.