Program Spotlight

Advocates for Health (A4H)

Firstly, we are very excited to announce that we will be changing our club name from Hospital Helpers to Advocates for Health (A4H). For quite some time, we have felt that our current name was not truly representative of our overall mission. Since we do not directly work in hospitals, we wanted a name which was more representative. We thought Advocates for Health was perfect and truly encompassed our overall mission to address health inequities! Advocates for Health offers volunteer programs for public health service in the Waltham community. We work with three main community partners:  Healthy Waltham, CareOne, and The Family Van. Through our partnership with Healthy Waltham, we connect volunteers to food access and health initiatives within the organization. Recently, this has included a multicultural healthy foods cooking series and recipe book creation! Through CareOne, volunteers and residents either interact in person during a non-COVID semester or over zoom/FaceTime during COVID through conversation, online games, arts and crafts, and various other activities. Lastly, the Family Van is a mobile clinic which works to reduce health disparities in the Greater Boston area by providing free health screenings. During a non-COVID semester, volunteers go into Waltham to perform blood pressure and blood sugar screenings, but this semester we have adapted the program to a mask-making initiative in which cloth masks made by volunteers are donated to clients of the Family Van who do not have access to PPE. We were able to donate over 1000 masks to underserved areas in the past few months alone! 

Junior Brandeis Achievers 

JBA provides free after school programming for students at Stanley and Plympton elementary school for five to six weeks in the Fall and Spring. Brandeis students are able to lead a variety of clubs with lesson plans that they design to engage students in activities such as cooking, art and science. In light of COVID-19 and remote learning, JBA has translated to virtual programming! Kids have enjoyed activities such as DIY lava lamps, painting and theatre games!