Service Without Borders Video

Service Without Borders - Video Transcript

"Vine Trip 2014" appears in the bottom left corner. A group of student volunteers, carrying backpacks, cross a school crosswalk. There is a flash and the footage of them walking across the street is played backwards, so it looks like they are walking backwards.

A stream runs under a bridge. Some trees in the background are changing color, showing that it is autumn. The students walk on a sidewalk parallel to the river.

A student volunteer pulls a weed out of the ground by using a hoe.

A student volunteer laughs in front of a gate to a wire fence.

A cluster of students stand on a gravel path in a field.

A reddish brown cow stands in a field, flicking its ears.

A volunteer laughs in a garden.

A volunteer leaves a shed, holding a box filled with straw and eggs.

A group of volunteers walk through a town.

Two volunteers paint a shed red. Looking through the shed door, the opposite wall made of wire.

Two volunteers stop to pet a cow.

A volunteer removes hay from a henhouse and walks it over to a pile of used hay.

The volunteers stand in a group and eat snacks. Close by, another volunteer approaches a cow.

A photo of a volunteer hugging a cow.

Photo of a bright blue bird, about the size of a chicken.

Photo of a volunteer leaning down to touch a pig.

Photo of two cows sniffing each other's faces.

Photo of a volunteer crouching to watch a cow eat.

Photo of a volunteer crouching down and touching a cow's face.

Photo of the volunteers walking down a gravel path.

Photo of volunteers setting up a shed.

Photo of a chicken with two chicks.

Photo of a baby chick.

Photo of volunteers with some woods in the background. The tree leaves are changing colors.

The words "VINE Trip 2014, Volunteer Vacations, Waltham Group" appear against a black background. They are replaced by the words "Brandeis University".