Procedures for Coming to Campus

Last updated: January 26, 2022 at 5:30 PM

Prospective Students and Tours

Students wishing to apply to Brandeis as undergraduates and their families are invited to come to campus for tours through our Office of Admissions. Learn more about applying to Brandeis on the Admissions website.

Visitors to Campus

You are required to follow the requirements outlined on our Guest and Visitor page

Brandeis Community Members

Whether coming to campus every day or every once in a while, there are steps that every Brandeis community member — student, faculty, staff or affiliate ― must take to help ensure the health of our campus prior to their arrival.  

Every Brandeis community member must come to campus with a GREEN or YELLOW Campus Passport (other colors are acceptable for certain situations). The Campus Passport is a tool that has been developed to ensure compliance with our health and safety policies and is required to be shown at various locations on campus including some classes, the COVID testing sites, Library, Gosman, and dining halls. Brandeis community members may be asked to show their Campus Passport at any time.

Community members only need to test when they come to campus. It is not necessary to make a special trip to campus for the sole purpose of testing: Yellow or green passports are needed only when you are on campus.

Below is a description of the steps that must be taken to obtain the green or yellow Passport to be ready to come to campus; these are also described in each Brandeis community member’s Passport underneath the color bar on the main menu.

Before coming to campus, please take these steps to ensure your Passport is campus-ready:

Please visit the Current COVID Policies webpage for updates on testing frequency.  To see how much time is left until your next test is due, click on the “My Passport” button in the Passport.