Current COVID Policies

Below are Brandeis' current COVID-19 policies. These policies are subject to change based upon public health guidance at any time; please check this page frequently for the most up-to-date policies.

More than anything, Brandeis encourages our community members to exercise respect, kindness, and common sense in their approaches to health and safety on campus where ambiguity or uncertainty may exist.


  • AS OF MAY 20: Masks are strongly recommended while gathering indoors, but are not mandatory.
  • Prior to May 20, masks are optional on campus for vaccinated individuals with certain exceptions, including gatherings of 20 or more people, classrooms and event venues. Please review mask-wearing requirements on the mask page of the COVID-19 Response website to see specifics and exceptions.
  • Unvaccinated individuals are required to wear masks whenever indoors in the presence of others.

Visitors, including families, must take the Daily Health Assessment prior to coming to campus. Some facilities may require visitors to display the email they will receive clearing them to come to campus, so visitors should print that out or have it ready on their phone. All visitors and contractors are subject to the same masking requirements as community members.

Proof of a negative PCR test from a sample taken within 72 hours prior to arrival on campus or a rapid antigen test taken the morning before arrival and shown to the campus host is required only for:

  • Overnight or multi-day visitors and contractors
  • Visitors and contractors who come to campus from an international location

Brandeis' travel policy is updated frequently, and different members of our community have different travel requirements, depending on their vaccination status. Please visit our Travel Policy page for frequent updates if you are planning any travel outside the New England area.

Events and Gatherings


At all gatherings, the Masking, Visitor, and Unvaccinated Individual policies apply.

  • Indoor Gatherings. No distancing requirements; capacity restrictions based upon room capacity limits (i.e. fire code). Unvaccinated individuals should maintain 6 feet of distance as much as feasible.
  • Outdoor Gatherings. No distancing or capacity requirements.

Events involving Visitors Outside the Brandeis Community

All campus activities involving guests must abide by all COVID-19 policies including the Masking Policy, Guest & Visitor Policy, the Unvaccinated Individual Policy, and normal room capacity limits.

  • All students are required to test twice per week (every 96 hours).
  • Vaccinated faculty and staff are encouraged, but not required, to test once per week (every 168 hours).
  • Any unvaccinated community members test twice per week (every 96 hours).
  • Community members must wear masks and have a green or yellow passport to access the testing sites.
Physical Distancing (in general)
  • Vaccinated Individuals: No distancing requirements
  • Unvaccinated Individuals: minimum of 6 ft., when feasible
  • No distancing or capacity requirements based on room (up to room capacity)
  • Masks are required in all indoor classes, however, masks may be removed in classrooms by fully vaccinated individuals at the discretion of the instructor. 
Unvaccinated Individuals
  • Must wear a mask at all times with the exception of eating or drinking while maintaining 6 ft. distancing
  • Must maintain 6 ft. distancing as much as possible
  • Prohibited from participation in higher risk activities including singing, wind instrument playing, theater acting, group dance performance, and university-sponsored travel
  • Those wishing to access campus after personal travel must follow CDC guidelines for quarantine and testing after travel before accessing campus. This means taking two negative tests (upon arrival and on day 6) and 7 days of travel quarantine
  • For Undergraduates: Travel outside the six New England states of CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT or internationally for any unvaccinated undergraduate student will be permitted on an emergency basis only and requires prior written permission from the Dean of Students Office
Move in and Arrival to Campus
  • All students must submit a sample for COVID-19 testing upon arrival to campus.
  • Fully vaccinated, asymptomatic students, while awaiting their negative test result from on-campus testing must limit their indoor socializing but are permitted to collect food via grab-and-go, submit samples at the testing sites, attend appointments at the Health Center, and engage in outdoor activities while remaining masked at all times.
  • Unvaccinated students arriving to campus from all domestic or international locations must remain in travel quarantine for 7 days per CDC guidelines and must submit tests upon arrival and on day 5, but are permitted to collect food via grab-and-go, submit samples at the testing sites, and attend appointments at the Health Center while remaining masked at all times.While in travel quarantine, unvaccinated students are prohibited from socializing with others face-to-face, indoors or outdoors, for any reason.
  • Students must upload proof of vaccination IN ENGLISH to the Campus Passport Portal, or students will be considered unvaccinated and a 7 day travel quarantine will be required.
  • Families and friends may help students with move-in