Required Health and Safety Measures

Brandeis University is committed to ensuring the highest levels of health and safety measures to keep our community safe and to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Our comprehensive approach requires all faculty, staff, and students to perform these three steps:

  1. Training: Before coming to campus, all community members must complete a Brandeis’ online COVID-19 training course in LATTE. This step is completed once, before your first arrival.
  2. Daily Health Assessment: All individuals living on or arriving to campus must complete a Daily Health Assessment each day, prior to arriving to campus (or leaving their residence) to screen for potential exposure to or infection by COVID-19. This only needs to be completed if you are coming to (or residing on) campus.
  3. Testing: All Brandeis community members who come to campus are required to submit samples for testing. Testing frequency is based on how many times one expects to come to campus each week. On-campus residents, for example, must take a test every 84 hours. 

The Brandeis Campus Passport Portal

To help Brandeis community members organize these important tasks, the Brandeis Campus Passport provides you with a personalized view of your readiness to come to campus, based on your completion of these three steps. When you log into the Campus Passport portal, you will see your current “Passport Color”:

My Passport, Training, Daily Health Assessment, Schedule COVID Testing, History, and Settings buttonsFrom the Campus Passport’s home screen, select the My Passport option to view your personalized passport which will show:

Brandeis community members may be required to show their COVID Passport to access campus locations.

Also from the Campus Passport home screen, you will be able to access the COVID Training Course, complete the Daily Health Assessment, and schedule your next COVID test.

From the Settings option, you can: