Campus Passport

The Brandeis Campus Passport provides a personalized view of your readiness to come to campus, based on your completion of the training, Daily Health Assessment, and testing steps. 

Use these instructions to conveniently save a link to the Campus Passport on the homescreen of your smartphone.

Fully vaccinated individuals who come to or live on on campus who have documented their vaccination in the Passport are now able to test once every other week (every 336 hours).

Individuals who come to or live on campus who have not yet been fully vaccinated or who have not documented their vaccination in the Passport must test twice a week (every 96 hours).

Brandeis community members may be required to show their COVID Passport to access campus locations.

Community members only need to test when they come to campus.  While staff and faculty are transitioning back to spending more time on campus over summer 2021, it is not necessary to make a special trip to campus for the explicit purpose of testing.

Documenting Vaccination Status

Community members who have received both doses of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine or a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine can open their Campus Passport and click on Preferences at the bottom of the Main Menu. They will see a link to click to update their COVID-19 vaccination status by uploading a picture of their completed vaccination card. This will be reviewed by a Brandeis medical provider, and upon approval, vaccinated community members will notice a COVID-19 Vaccine sticker appear in their Passport.

Passport Color

  • You have completed the required COVID-19 training.
  • You have taken and passed the Daily Health Assessment today.
  • You have taken a COVID-19 test according to the requirements of your passport (once a week for fully-vaccinated community members who have uploaded proof of vaccination, twice for those who have not yet uploaded proof of vaccination).
  • You have completed the required COVID-19 training.
  • You have taken and passed the Daily Health Assessment today.
  • You have scheduled (but not yet completed) your next test to be taken in the next 24 hours.
  • You are missing one or more of the three required steps. The Campus Passport will list the step(s) that you need to complete to come to campus. If your Campus Passport status is RED, you may not come to campus.
  • Travel Quarantine -  you may only access campus testing facilities. Other than leaving your room for testing or other necessary medical care arranged with the Brandeis Health Center, you must stay in your room. If you live off campus, stay in your apartment.
  • Isolation due to positive COVID test or close contact quarantine: You are not allowed to access campus facilities; stay in your room or off-campus apartment and follow instructions from the Brandeis Health Center.
  • You are in compliance and must bring your Shabbat alternative card or your electronic alternative document to show for admittance to campus facilities.

The Shabbat passport alternative

Before Shabbat, after logging into the COVID Passport portal, select the Preferences option, and then select View or update your campus schedule. Check the option for “Shabbat Alternative.” You only need to do this ONCE for the entire semester.

Shabbat Alternative Passport Cards are available at testing sites. Be sure to pick up a Shabbat Card for each yom tov or Shabbat, as you will need to complete the daily health assessment on each day of two day Shabbat/holiday.

Your Personalized Passport

From the Campus Passport’s home screen, select the My Passport option to view your personalized passport which will show:

Also from the Campus Passport home screen, you will be able to:

Within "Preferences" you can also select "on campus schedule" to: