Guidance for Visitors and Events

People walk up a pathway with balloons in the background

Welcome to our campus!

Brandeis University is pleased to welcome all visitors to campus — whether for sporting events, admissions tours, visits to art exhibitions, research appointments or any other of the myriad activities and events happening on the Brandeis campus each day.

For the safety of our campus community, visitors are asked to stay home if they feel unwell.

On the day of their visit, visitors to campus are encouraged to check the COVID-19 Response website homepage to learn at which status level the university is operating. Visitors must comply with all policies listed for the corresponding COVID status level. Visitors are also encouraged to check with their campus host, in case any additional COVID precautions have been set into place for visitors.

Masking is always encouraged and acceptable on the Brandeis campus, and visitors to campus can feel safer knowing that all Brandeis community members are required to comply with the Brandeis University COVID-19 Vaccination Policy.


Campus events should be planned in their usual manner in accordance with the policies outlined for the current COVID-19 status level for the date of the events. Keep in mind that the COVID-19 status level may change based upon current COVID risk levels on campus.

Optionally, campus hosts may determine that additional COVID precautions should be taken for certain events. Campus hosts should work with their partner in University Events to make this determination. Some additional precautions may include: