Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Appendix D: Department of Campus Operations and Human Resources

Nov. 10, 2020

Brandeis University must be critical, thoughtful and deliberate in its efforts to promote a culture of diversity and equity, to respect and celebrate our differences and to uphold a relentless and unwavering pursuit of justice and fairness in our actions to end systemic racism.

Our identity as an institution of higher learning, and a university grounded by social justice, has an impact well beyond the borders of our campus — an impact that we can shape. We must recognize and acknowledge that we are not all the same, that recognizing, valuing and celebrating our differences is what makes our University and our world stronger. Our efforts to end systemic racism must be based on real action and serious dialogue about instituting wholesale change to dismantle chronic racism and injustice on our campus.

We recognize that these actions must include work to create meaningful and immediate change at Brandeis. For many years, we have supported diversity, equity, and inclusion in our declarations and documents; we must act more deeply and decisively in ways that lead to systemic change. We must commit to doing so in a sustained way and not only in response to a moment of national crisis.

It is with these principles in mind, that we offer the following action plan with a focus on the Brandeis culture, our people, our operations and the future state of our Public Safety department.