Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Appendix N: Department of Community Living

Nov. 10, 2020


  • Updates can be found on DCL’s website: Becoming Anti-Racist
    • These updates are from late August - September.
    • Working Groups were paused at the request of BAP in early October.
      • Work continues with BAP to further clarify the roles and direction of the established working groups.
  • Community Advisors
    • DCL Prostaff all attended an Inservice for our CAs on 10/20 to discuss questions, comments, and concerns from the staff.
      • In this meeting a new addition to the CA Updates was suggested, a week in review from all staff duty logs.
  • Community Living continues to advocate for scaling back on “wellness checks” for any reason that is not an immediate health & safety concern

  • We have purchased a new DCL vehicle (Toyota Highlander-Hybrid) that will arrive soon to replace the current Ford Explorer. Minimal exterior logos and lights.

  • Community Living now has the ability to plug and unplug residents’ doors for various reasons. This was a function that was previously exclusive to the Brandeis Police Department.

  • Health and Safety Inspection statistics are posted on our website

Working Groups

DCL’s working groups include:

  • DCL has worked with student leaders of BAP to gain their feedback about the working groups and will work to incorporate the feedback into the names of these groups (11/2)
  • The Communications Committee is working towards developing the outline and format of the monthly newsletter that will go out from Community Living. They will look to receive feedback from BAP student leaders as well as the CAs.

Moving Forward

  • DCL is still working towards taking over the lockout process fully.
  • DCL has ordered a new vehicle (Toyota Highlander) which will arrive TBD.
  • DCL will be offering a book read to its professional staff over the Winter Break (Nov-Jan). The book TBD.