Rabb School of Continuing Studies

Dec. 2, 2021

At the Rabb School of Continuing Studies, we take the issue of systemic racism very seriously. We have begun working on an action plan that we hope will promote conversation, introspection, and suggestions for positive change.

Staff members were asked to contribute suggestions for readings, videos, and other documents. The compiled suggestions cover a wide variety of race-related issues, including health disparities, climate justice, Indigenous peoples, intersectionality, global health and more. Staff members have been encouraged to add to this list, and read as many articles as their time allows.

All staff began by viewing the TED Talk, "How Racism Makes Us Sick" and we held an all-staff discussion about this on August 27, 2021, facilitated by Rabb School staff member Nicole Murphy. Our goal in this initial discussion was to come to a common understanding of systemic racism and to start the process of developing this plan.

All staff have been invited to contribute their thought about how we can reduce systemic racism within Rabb and at Brandeis. The following is a summary.