Appendix F: The School of Arts & Sciences

Nov. 10, 2020

Plan for a Plan to Address Systemic Racism

The School of Arts and Sciences is committed to moving beyond rhetoric to creating and implementing a concrete action plan to address the legacies and current realities of systemic racism and anti-blackness in order to institute meaningful, enduring change.

The following plan for a plan is based on a series of informal small group discussions with interested faculty in August; review of an array of Task Force reports and other recommendations, including from the “Honoring Our Founding Values” subcommittee chaired by Chad Williams, The Black Action Plan created by a group of concerned Brandeis students, and the Ford Hall 2015 draft implementation plan. It provides an overview of what we have achieved, a deliberative process and timeline for widespread consultation and discussion in the fall term, and a menu of possible options, recommendations, and metrics to consider and revise as we think together about our way forward.

Admissions Actions to Date

Initiatives Underway

Actions Under Discussion

Fall Plan and Timeline

To ensure broad consultation and finalize the plan, the School of Arts and Sciences will rely on its current governance structure of departments, programs, and divisions.

By January 31, 2021, we commit to the following: