University Library

Nov. 10, 2020

The Brandeis Library strives to create a safe and inclusive environment for both in-person and virtual engagement. The strategy is to start with being self-aware and providing opportunities for personal development through discussion, staff training, and reading groups, as well as an active communication available to all staff that highlights news and information via Slack.

We have also developed a strategic plan that highlights diversity, equity and inclusion with a priority that specifically focuses on these efforts. We have created an equitable hiring process that has been reviewed by ODEI and HR to ensure a wide net is cast.

Our Archives & Special Collections have a strong focus on underrepresented communities and oppressed people, and the department also records current efforts to change the campus.

By design (though not in current practice in response to the Pandemic), the Library created physical spaces that allow for group study, community study, and private study.

The Brandeis Library Strategic mission reads: The Brandeis Library will enhance our position as an intellectual and creative hub that empowers our community by creating equitable opportunities for furthering knowledge, inspiration, and growth.

Current Actions

Measures of Success