Appendix P: Brandeis Counseling Center

Nov. 10, 2020

Mission and Vision Statements

Response to the Black Action Plan of 2020

Upon receipt of the BAP, the Brandeis Counseling Center Multicultural Committee met to review the demands. We began to work on a report summarizing the BCC’s current status on each demand mentioned. The multicultural committee then facilitated a 2 hour staff meeting focused on reflecting and mobilizing in reaction to BAP. In the meeting we read through the plan and worked in small groups to discuss the plan, our reactions, and ideas for meeting each demand. During this meeting we determined “current action steps” in response to the BAP, listed in the chart below.

Current Relevant Context at the BCC

The BCC’s multicultural committee meets weekly to guide the direction of the BCC’s multicultural development. We are currently working on the strategic plan for the multicultural goals for the remainder of 2020 and 2021.

Relevant History

Following the 2015 Ford Hall, the then director of the BCC, Joy von Steiger PhD, prioritized the demand to hire clinicians of color. Under Joy’s leadership several clinicians of color were hired between 2015 and spring of 2020, and a multicultural committee was assembled at the BCC. The co-leaders of the committee were Martin Pierre, PhD and Dennis Tyrell, PhD, later expanding to include Joy von Steiger, PhD and Amy Scobie-Carroll, LICSW. Presently, the multicultural committee remains intact, and is responsible for steering the direction of the BCC’s multicultural development. Since 2015, much of our professional development has been focused on diversity, equity and inclusion principles and development. The BCC benefitted from external training events and in particular, an extended series of workshops led by Mark Brimhall-Vargas, PhD, and Allyson Livingstone, PhD over a 2 year period from 2018-2020.

History of the BCC in Response to Our Student Activists since 2015 and Present Response to BAP

Additional Information Regarding the BCC’s Future Direction

Key Initiatives of the BCC Strategic Plan for 2020-2021