Appendix J: Faculty Senate

Recommendations from the Faculty Senate for Brandeis University Anti-racist Actions

  1. Annual teach-in on Black History at Brandeis

  2. Integrate Dr. Chad Williams’ class and research (“Black at Brandeis”) into training for new faculty, staff and students

  3. One public location collecting the suggestions from earlier efforts demands from Ford Hall 2015, the original Ford Hall and other protests, preferably with a record of actions taken in response for accountability

  4. Anonymous form to report experiences with racism for students, staff, and faculty (positive and problematic) for self-study

  5. Campus wide restorative justice program to address current and prior issues

  6. Facilitated departmental analyses and discussions of racism in specific disciplines, curricula and classes

  7. Rigorous Antiracist Pedagogy workshops and training

  8. Model Antiracist statements for Syllabi

  9. Virtual Study Groups to learn about antiracism and racism

  10. Reform of Campus Policing guided by a multi-stakeholder groupBystander education for students, staff and faculty

  11. Bystander education for students, staff and faculty

Submitted by Brandeis Faculty Senate, September 2020 to Provost Lisa Lynch, Dean Dorothy Hodgson, and VP ODEI Mark Brimhall-Vargas.