Appendix O: Dean of Students Office

The DOSO office presents the following action steps in response to the Black Action Plan.

  1. Raising a BLM flag in the SCC.
  2. Fountain to commemorate the contributions of BIPOC people to the legacy of Brandeis in Chapels Field.
  3. Letter of atonement (from the University) for shortcomings relative to our BIPOC students, staff and community members.
  4. DOSO Family DEI Advisory Board with students and faculty to discuss, assess and create DOSO Family DEI efforts.
  5. Co-lead with Maria Madison, Joy Von Steiger, Transformative Justice efforts pertaining to Ford Hall 2015, Heller Forward, University Police and Still Concerned Students.
  6. Community Therapist of Color in the SCC.
  7. B.A.P. and DEI efforts as standing agenda items for all DOSO Family meetings.
  8. DEI efforts as a component of conversation for annual reports and evaluations alongside adding DEI expectations to all job descriptions.
  9. Continue to hire a Graduate Student to continue the audio-logs initiative to uplift and chronicle the voices and experiences of students of color at Brandeis
  10. Speak out against bias and racism on all accounts and coming and from love.
  11. To discuss global travel opportunities with students as discussed in the plan, but through coordinated efforts with the ODEI.