DEI Recruitment & Hiring

Brandeis University has made a commitment to hire and retain a diverse faculty and staff. The success of this endeavor rests on the ability of the search committees and teams to effectively engage with diversity, equity, and inclusion in process and in practice at every stage of recruitment and hiring. The following resources are supportive of these goals.

Before you being your search, consider setting DEI goals, reflecting on previous searches and being specific about conceptualizing the position.

Our implicit biases are pervasive and impact all aspects of search and selection. This resource is intended to support your efforts to mitigate the impact of implicit biases on search and selection processes and practices.

Establishing or growing connections with other institutions can be mutually beneficial.

An inclusion approach to hiring processes considers how we might equip all candidates for jobs to be successful in securing opportunities to join our faculty with a particular focus on making candidates successful and embracing difference.