Beverley Hosking and Jenny Hutt


New Zealand

Beverley Hosking and Jenny Hutt explore the use of Playback Theatre ( PBT - a form of improvisational theater performed in 25 countries around the world) "to create the space for deep community dialogue involving the telling and receiving of difficult-to-tell and cannot-be-told stories."

Bev is an international PBT trainer, based in New Zealand, working also with social activists in India and in Fiji and with a group of indigenous and Indian Fijians who are actively working toward reconciliation.

Jenny, who has also performed and conducted in two PBT companies, took the role of documentor in this team. She is a workplace educator, diversity Hutttrainer, writer and editor in Australia, where she now lives. Their documentation focused on the Playback Theatre School in New Zealand, where Bev and her Maori counterpart find that "the combination of theatre, the telling of personal story and the ritual of the PBT form, together with the strength of traditional 'tikanga Maori' can create a powerful framework within which a strong and deep exploration of differences can occur." Their paper includes descriptions of training projects and work in Angola, Fiji, and India.    

Working Paper by Bev Hosking and Jenny Hutt:

"Playback Theatre: A Creative Resource for Reconciliation"  (PDF)