Ly Daravuth and Ingrid Muan



Ly Daravuth and Ingrid Muan worked as visual artists, art historians and curators. They were Brandeis International Fellows in 2003-2004. Tragically, Ingrid passed away in 2005. They wrote:

For the past five years, we have been working together on a series of art and research projects which culminate in exhibitions and publications. The institutional frame for our work is Reyum, the Institute of Arts and Culture that we established in downtown Phnom Penh in late 1998. In this storefront space, we offer images and texts that we hope open a modest public forum in which those who wish to participate can look, think, discuss, and create. By doing so, we feel that we contribute towards coexistence - if not reconciliation - in Cambodia.

During the Fellowship, they continued to reflect upon the seemingly insurmountable obstacles to reconciliation in Cambodia by documenting events at Reyum and other artistic and cultural explorations into issues of violence, justice and reconciliation. Ingrid did not complete her working paper before her death. We present the partial draft appears as she sent it to us in December 2004.     

Portfolio by Ly Daravuth: "Where Is Reconciliation?"

Working paper by Ly Daravuth: "Notes on Pchum Ben"

Working paper by Ingrid Muan: "The Goodness of Lives"