Gallery of the Fellows' Works

Each of the five collections of work created by the Fellows displays a unique approach to the project. Some teams wrote working papers; others composed exhibitions of images, text, and even sound, which can be explored as art installations.

Each collection, in its own way, illustrates the particular peacebuilding practices of its creators. Each one highlights the unique potential for art and culture to play a significant part in peacebuilding along with the challenges and dilemmas of this work. They raise important questions for further exploration.

Drumming and Reconciliation in Rwanda, Burundi and South Africa
Works by Nicholas Kotei Djanie & Lena Slachmuijlder

How Deep Can We Go?: Ubuntu, Art and Reconciliation in South Africa
Works by Kim Berman and Daniel Stompie Selibe  

Playback Theatre: A Creative Resource for Reconciliation
Works by Jenny Hutt and Bev Hosking

Reflections on Cultural Production and Prospects for Reconciliation in Cambodia
Works by Ly Daravuth and Ingrid Muan

Witnessing War, Yearning for Peace: Two Documentary Films from Sri Lanka
Works by Iffat Fatima and Lisa Kois