Facilities Services

Staff Directory

Facilities Services

Name Position Phone Number
Lori Kabel Director, Facilities Services 781-736-4348
Matthew McPhee Associate Director, Operations and Maintenance 781-736-4377
VACANT Supervisor, HVAC 781-736-4191
Dennis Anemoduris Supervisor, Plumbing 781-736-4376
VACANT Supervisor, Building Trades 781-736-4354
Brian Bianchi Supervisor, Electrical 781-736-4307
Chris Gould Manager, Grounds and Fleet 781-736-4374
Pedro Tejeda Manager, Custodial Services 781-736-4763
Eduardo Garcia Supervisor, Custodial 781-736-4821
Romeo Martinez Supervisor, Custodial 781-736-1418
Jenny Benavides Supervisor, Custodial 781-736-4373
Victor Lima

Supervisor, Facilities Off- Shift 

Matthew Wohlstrom Facilities Services QA & Training Coordinator 781-736-4311

Facilities Business Operations

Name Position Phone Number
Judy Thornton Associate Director, Operations, Administration & Budget- Campus Planning & Operations 781-736-4367
Danielle Sullivan Associate Director, Customer Services and Systems, Campus Planning & Operations 781-736-4193
Marie Spicer Supervisor, Work Order Operations 781-736-4378
Elizabeth Gallo Department Coordinator 781-736-4358
Shannon Kelleher Project Finance Assistant 781-736-4362
Jim Gavin Inventory Specialist, Stockroom 781-736-4370
Joe Dolmeiis Sr. Material Handler, Stockroom 781-736-4379

Business Office: 781-736-4385 

Energy & Utilities

Name Position Phone Number
Bill Stanton Associate Director, Energy & Utilities 781-736-4360

Capital Programs 

Name Position Phone Number
Michael McGarry Director, Capital Programs 781-736-5102
 Dan Tress Associate Director, Pre-Construction & Project Controls 781-736-7630
Michael Bushey Senior Capital Project Manager 781-736-4521
Debra Willard Capital Project Manager 781-736-4366

Campus Planning 

Name Position Phone Number
Sarah Holton Director, Campus Planning  781-736-4535
Liz Pawlak Sr. Campus Space Analyst  781-736-4445