Information for Undergraduate Students and Families

Last updated: August 20, 2020 at 9:33 AM

Skyline Residence Hall

The fall 2020 semester at Brandeis will look different from past fall semesters. Yet the university’s mission and values — everything that makes Brandeis such a special place to learn and grow — remain.

Our highest priority will be protecting the health and safety of all our community members. Students will pursue rigorous academic studies and enjoy life-enhancing social connections. And the Brandeisian commitment to equity, inclusivity and accessibility will be as strong as ever.

We are excited to welcome our students back to campus this fall. Although the university will have to make some modifications to residence halls and set aside housing for potential isolation and quarantine needs, incoming first-year undergraduates as well as returning undergraduates who already have housing contracts will have the opportunity to live in on-campus housing during the fall semester.

The university will offer a wide array of in-person, online and combination (both in-person and online) courses that maintain the standard of excellence that defines undergraduate education at Brandeis. Flexible options and extra support will allow students to enjoy a stimulating, challenging and well-rounded college experience.

Please keep in mind, however, that our plans for the fall semester will succeed only if our entire community adheres to stringent social-solidarity practices. All of us — students, faculty and staff — must follow health and safety protocols to the letter, without fail, to keep one another safe. We share a responsibility to reduce the probability of COVID-19 transmission within our community. Violations of health and safety protocols will lead to disciplinary actions that may include suspension, restriction from campus, removal from campus housing, withdrawal from one or more classes, or the revocation of parking privileges.

Continuity, Flexibility, Opportunity

Our plans for student living and learning during the upcoming semester are designed, first and foremost, to help the Brandeis community remain safe. As a result, they depend upon a high degree of compliance — on the part of every community member — with health and safety protocols.

Students, regardless of their individual circumstances, will enjoy a great deal of flexibility in their studies. Brandeis will provide exceptional academic opportunities. Students will connect with one another, with faculty and with the world. These Brandeis traditions will continue as before, though in some cases we will practice them in new ways.

None of us knows what course the virus will take over the coming months. Every member of our resilient community will be ready to pivot to address new concerns should they unexpectedly arise.

Despite all the unavoidable uncertainty, we are committed to ensuring that students’ instructional, research and engagement opportunities during the fall — and beyond — remain as rich and robust as ever.