Supporting students’ academic growth and development

The process of applying for a competitive fellowship or research opportunity can help you clarify your goals and set in motion a plan to achieve them.

As fellowship advisors, we can help you learn more about which opportunities are a good match for your interests and then guide you through the application process, from developing your initial ideas all the way through writing your proposal or essays and ultimately submitting your application. We work with students in every class year, from any background, with any GPA, and in any area of interest. Whether you are just beginning your academic journey or already have a specific research project or fellowship application in mind, we look forward to helping you make the most of the available opportunities at Brandeis and beyond!

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“I never thought that I would qualify for any scholarships or fellowships, and initially I was not confident I was qualified to do research. But no one is an expert at anything from the start. Applying for scholarships and doing research might sound daunting but please, give it your best shot and you will be surprised where it takes you!”

Kimika Arai ’22

Recipient of the Provost's Undergraduate Research Fellowship