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The Data Analytics concentration prepares students to use quantitative information in business. Students learn how to analyze data and forecast trends. Because this concentration is STEM designated, international graduates can extend a 12-month practical training experience after graduation by an additional 24 months.

Careers in Data Analytics

ram-iyer.jpgData analytics skills are increasingly in demand in all areas of business, such as finance, marketing, and operations. Brandeis International Business School graduates have applied their analytics knowledge at IBM, JP Morgan, State Street and Kronos.

Career Spotlight

Ram Iyer, MBA '09
Liberty Mutual
Director, Strategy, Planning and Operations

Faculty Spotlight: Arnold Kamis

Arnold Kamis

Arnold Kamis is an associate professor of data analytics. His research primarily focuses on information technology, decision support, online consumer behavior and healthcare information. He blends social science and data science to make research contributions that are rigorous, business-relevant, and aiming to make an impact.

Kamis holds a PhD in Information Systems from New York University and MS in Technical Communication from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and has served on many journal editorial boards, including Decision Analytics and Health Systems.

Concentration Requirements

The MBA concentration in Data Analytics requires the completion of 24 credits. These credits may also be counted toward fulfilment of other concentrations or of the MBA core requirements. Excess credits in foundation courses are counted toward the electives requirement.

Foundation (8 credits required)
  • BUS 211f: Analyzing Big Data I
  • BUS 212a: Analyzing Big Data II
  • BUS 240f Information Visualization
Electives (16 credits required)
  • BUS 253a: Marketing Research
  • BUS 256a: Marketing Analytics
  • BUS 272a: Operations Management 
  • BUS 274f: Supply Chain Analytics
  • BUS 276a: Business Dynamics
  • BUS 286a: Applications of System Dynamics
  • BUS 294a:* Field Projects in Data Analytics
  • BUS 295c:* Field Projects in Social Impact Organizations (DA project)
  • ECON 213a: Applied Econometrics
  • BUS/FIN 241a: Machine Learning and Data Analysis for Business and Finance
  • FIN 217f: Corporate Financial Modeling
  • FIN 218f:** Portfolio Financial Modeling
  • ECON/FIN 250a Forecasting in Finance and Econometrics
  • FIN 280a:** Financial Risk Management
  • FIN 285a:** Computer Simulation & Risk Analysis
  • BUS 215f: Introduction to Python for Business Analytics
  • BUS 257f: Social Media and Advertising
  • BUS 259f: Digital Marketing

(*) BUS 294a and BUS 295c are Field Projects courses – only one can be counted toward this concentration. 

(**) FIN 201a is a prerequisite for these courses


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