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Peter Wein BA/MA’15: Finding the best of both worlds

Peter Wein

As Peter Wein ’14, MA’15 was finishing his bachelor’s degree, he had a decision to make: immediately join the workforce or get a master’s degree. The Brandeis International Business School BA/MA program offered a solid compromise—one additional year of study, and then on to a job with the knowledge and direction that would start his career on the right track. In his current role, he puts his MA concentrations in international economic policy analysis and data analytics to work with clients around the world and writes analytics programs in STATA.

Did you have specific goals in mind when applying for the BA/MA program?

I was looking to position myself for a career that applied economics beyond the theoretical sense. But I didn’t have a strong sense of direction as to where exactly that would take me, nor did I understand the specifics of how to apply this knowledge in the real world. The BA/MA program offers a balance of both. It was a learning environment in which I was able to narrow down my career goals as my studies became more focused.

Tell us about your trajectory from graduate school to full-time job.

I spent a great deal of time working with Career Strategies to refine my resume, LinkedIn profile and interviewing skills, which proved immensely helpful. Now I spend a typical day working with over a dozen clients around the globe on analytics. Being able to methodically approach problems and balance my workload are two invaluable skills imparted to me by the BA/MA program.

Looking back, what Brandeis experiences are most applicable to your current job?

The analytical thought process and client-facing skills that were required in my job as a technician at the university’s technology help desk have universal applications, such as being able to talk about approaching and overcoming difficult experiences with clients. Closer to my studies, I took part in the business school's Crisis Game. This intense experience was what initially spurred my interest in economic policy analysis.

What advice do you have for Brandeis students considering the BA/MA program?

The program was absolutely, 100 percent worth the additional year of school. I enjoyed the international student body and the different experiences that my classmates brought to the table. It helped me grow as a person. The program has a demanding workload that requires you to constantly be at your best. Preparation, especially around structuring your coursework in your senior year, is key to ensuring a smooth transition into the program without missing anything that your undergraduate experience has to offer.

Class of 2015

International economic policy analysis, data analytics

Senior Data Engineer at Mather Economics

Home Country
United States

Undergraduate University
Brandeis (major in Economics, minors in Mathematics and German Studies)