Brandeis International Business School

Bernardo Tannenbaum, MA'14: harnessing the potential of the digital age

How did your International Business School internship help prepare you for your career?

I was eager to learn more about the fast-emerging field of digital marketing so I applied for a summer internship at inSegment in Newton, Mass. The on-the-job training I received as a web marketing intern helped me understand the tasks involved in running internet-based marketing campaigns and also exposed me to the day-to-day operations of a digital marketing firm.

What did your internship entail?

I worked with industry professionals in delivering digital marketing solutions to IT companies as well as financial and educational institutions. My day-to-day responsibilities included creating, analyzing and refining display and text campaigns running on Google and Bing advertising platforms. I participated in every stage of creating an online marketing campaign from identifying keywords that would trigger the online ads to the optimization of campaigns through data analysis.

How did your internship complement your Brandeis coursework?

Working at inSegment made me realize the growing importance of internet marketing. The shares of firms’s marketing budgets that are being spent on online campaigns have been increasing considerably in the past few years. In every industry, from banks to universities, more of the customer lifecycle happens online. Most people both shop or research products and services on the internet; therefore, companies must have a strong online presence otherwise they will risk losing potential customers.

Having a broad understanding of the digital marketing industry and being able to implement online campaigns are very valuable skills any marketer ought to possess. We live in a digital era where people tend to rely on the internet to accomplish most of their daily activities, from paying bills to reading the morning newspaper. As our lives migrate to the virtual world, so should the marketing resources of the companies we do business with.

Master of Arts in International Economics and Finance
Class of 2014

Associate, InvestRes

Undergraduate degree
B.S., International Business and Economics, University of Tampa

Home Country
United States