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Beizhi Zhang, MSF’18: ‘A common story at Brandeis!’ Alumni connection leads to job offer

Beizhi ZhangWhy did you choose Brandeis International Business School?

A former undergraduate classmate introduced me to the Master of Science in Finance (MSF) program. She spoke highly of the close-knit community at the International Business School and the quality of the education, sharing many positive personal stories about her time as an MSF student. I did my own research and was really impressed by the curriculum. And location was an important factor — I love the city of Boston, where you are surrounded by world-class talent and career opportunities.

How did the MSF program help you land your first job?

I met an alumna at a networking event. She listened to my career ambitions and realized I could be a good fit for a position at her company. She was super helpful and referred me to the recruiter. This is a common story at Brandeis! The alumni community is very engaged and willing to help current students launch their careers. And there are so many opportunities to network and build relationships with alumni.

What was your most memorable experience as a student?

My favorite experience was definitely the Hassenfeld Immersion Program trip to Israel. The entire trip was filled with well-planned, eye-opening events. It was such a great opportunity to learn about Israeli culture and entrepreneurship, which inspired me to start my career in Silicon Valley after graduating from Brandeis.

What should prospective students know about the International Business School?

The professors and staff at the International Business School are very responsive and always willing to help you, both in your career and in life. There are many career resources at your disposal. For example, you can work with your Career Coach on perfecting your resume and practicing mock interviews. Or you can attend an Industry Trek in cities like New York City and San Francisco and learn about the inner workings of major employers. As for academics, the curriculum is flexible and you’ll build the hard and soft skills necessary to find success in a real working environment.

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