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Congratulations, International Business School Class of 2023!

We are so proud of you and excited to have you join the illustrious (and global) alumni community. Please know that the school and university are here to support you and that there are alumni around the world who want to get to know you.

Your alumni journey starts now, and we are here to provide you with resources along the way. We hope the FAQs below help you with your transition.

Can I continue using my Brandeis email address after graduation?

The current policy is you can retain your Brandeis email address indefinitely. However, it is a good practice to check your inbox periodically or set up your email to forward to a different account so that you do not miss any changes. To set up forwarding:

  • Go to the Brandeis Account Management webpage.
  • Click the "Manage my account" link.
  • Click the "Mail & Directory Settings" link.
  • Click "Forward my mail off-campus" and then fill out the "Forwarding address" box.
  • Finally, click the "Update My Mail Options" button at the bottom of the window.
How do I become a member of the Brandeis Alumni Association?

As a graduate of Brandeis International Business School, you are automatically considered a member of the Brandeis Alumni Association. No dues or requests are required. You are one of nearly 4,000 business school alumni and 60,000 Brandeis alumni around the world. Congratulations! You can learn more about the Alumni Association here:

How can I find out about events, resources, and services offered to alumni?

Join B Connect to get the latest updates on upcoming events, job postings and what is going on at Brandeis. The comprehensive list of resources available to Brandeis alumni can be found on the Alumni & Friends website at As a recent graduate of the University, we recommend prioritizing joining and engaging with the B Connect online platform ( as a starting point.

What social media accounts should I follow?

There are several we recommend:

Brandeis and Brandeis Alumni

Brandeis International Business School and Business School Alumni

How can I find alumni at my company or in my region?

You can search the Brandeis alumni directory, B Connect, by accessing it here.

Using LinkedIn is also effective, through both Advanced Search and using Groups. Be sure to join the business school alumni and friends group.

What career and job search resources are available to me?

Whether we are on campus or communicating over a distance, the Career Strategies and Engagement Center (CSE) keeps in touch with our alumni around the globe throughout the year. We invite you to stay in touch and collaborate with us as your career evolves.     

Career Resources for Brandeis International Business School Alumni

As your career develops over your lifetime, there may be times you’d like to reconnect with the career advising resources at Brandeis International Business School. Viewable 24/7 via our CSE Connect, our career resources for alumni include:

  • Job listings – search and apply
  • CSE events – browse and register
  • Resource Library – access CSE materials and our robust vendor tools
  • Career Coach appointments – schedule an appointment with a CSE Career Coach to discuss your career strategy 

Volunteer Opportunities for Brandeis International Business School Alumni

Whatever you do and regardless of how much time you have to offer – whether you’re on campus or remote – know that your contributions will have a meaningful impact on Brandeis International Business School students. Some of the ways you can get involved include:

  • Sharing job or internship opportunities at your company
  • Facilitating a Field Project at your organization
  • Joining a career discussion as a panelist or leading an industry-focused workshop
  • Organizing an Industry Trek at your company 
  • Hosting a company information session or Employer Spotlight
  • Becoming a Mentor to a first-year Brandeis International Business School student
  • Representing your organization at an Industry Night or career fair
  • Networking with aspiring professionals

If you’re a 2023 graduate, one easy way to help elevate our school’s profile and attract high-quality prospective students and employers is to report your post-graduation plans (full-time positions, contract work, continued education, personal startups, etc.) via our First Destination Survey

Get Started

Ready to give back in ways that suit your interests, skillset and schedule? Questions about career resources for Brandeis International Business School alumni? Contact the Career Strategies and Engagement Center at and we’ll point you in the right direction.

How do I change my address or other contact information with Brandeis?
If I need a copy of my transcript how do I request one?

The University Registrar handles all transcript requests. Please visit their website to make a request.

How do I make a financial donation to the school?

We are so glad you asked! Financial donations from alumni and friends have a big impact on the school, and your participation really does matter!

Gifts of any size are accepted online at

Is it alumni or alumnus? Alumna? Alumnae? Help!

Disclaimer: Many of the terms we use to describe graduates of a school or university are gendered in nature due to the origins of the terms in Latin. We aim to be sensitive to a wide range of gender identities and pronouns when referring to another person or group of people. We encourage everyone to use words and pronouns they are most comfortable with.

Here’s a handy guide:

  • Alumni: a group of graduates, regardless of gender. (There are nearly 4,000 alumni of Brandeis International Business School around the world.)
  • Alumna: one individual female graduate of a school. (NAME is an alumna of Brandeis International Business School.
  • Alumnus: one individual male graduate of a school. (NAME is an alumnus of Brandeis International Business School.)
  • Alumnae: multiple female-identified graduates of a school. (NAME, NAME, AND NAME alumnae of Brandeis International Business School. They are also alumni of Brandeis International Business School.)
  • Alum: singular term for any gender used similarly to “alumnus” or ”alumna.” (I am now an alum of Brandeis International Business School. NAME is an alum of Brandeis International Business School.)
  • Incorrect usage:
    • “NAME is an alumni of Brandeis International Business School.” 
      • This is incorrect because alumni is a plural term.
      • The correct usage would be “NAME is an alumnus of Brandeis International Business School” or “NAME is an alum of Brandeis International Business School.”
Who can I keep in touch with after I graduate?

Well, to be honest, we encourage you to keep in touch with anyone who made an impact on you while you were here. But there is one office that works exclusively with alumni and really enjoys hearing from graduates no matter when they graduated. You can reach out at any time with news, questions, offers of support—anything! Feel free to email our main inbox at

Business School Office of Alumni Relations

To connect about career-related opportunities, you can also reach out to Business School Career Strategies Center at