Brandeis International Business School

Welcoming new students at Orientation 2023

Newest members of Brandeis International Business School community arrive on campus

George Nekwaya, MBA’24, center, greets new Brandeis International Business School students.

George Nekwaya, MBA’24, center, greets new Brandeis International Business School students.

Anoshka Lade, MSF’25 found herself feeling right at home on the campus of Brandeis International Business School.

Lade, who is from Mumbai, India, was among the smiling faces gathered inside the Wasserman Cinematheque for the first day of new student orientation.

“Being an international student, there’s so much to learn,” said Lade. “It was a good introduction to how to go about our everyday things.”

Muskan Ahuja, from Raipur, India, said the orientation leaders — second-year students who help guide new arrivals — were quick to make everyone feel comfortable.

“I feel like all the members of campus are very helpful,” said Ahuja. “They never hesitate to give you input or answer your questions.”

The first day of orientation included an introduction to the Office of Academic Affairs and Student Experience, academic advising sessions for each program and a student-led photo walk-a-thon around the Brandeis University campus.

Dean Kathryn Graddy welcomed students from across the globe into the Brandeis community.

“Many alumni speak of their time at Brandeis as transformative,” said Graddy. “The enjoyment and success that you will achieve in pursuing a subject in which you are truly interested will set you up for life.”

Orientation leader Andrew Mukurazita, MSBA/MBA’24 was excited to help members of the incoming class. Reflecting on his own orientation experience, he said he still remembers how second-year students immediately made him feel welcome.

“The memories come rushing back,” said Mukurazita. “And it’s great to meet the new students.”

Graddy encouraged students to take advantage of everything Brandeis has to offer.

“The journey here is both about where you will end up — but also it should be enjoyable,” said Graddy. “Make the most of your time at Brandeis International Business School because you will find that it goes very, very quickly.”