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Minding your mental health in business school

Mental health is an important key to your success!



Mental health can be easily overlooked when you’re buried under a mountain of school work. While Brandeis professors are mindful of their students’ mental health, graduate school is notoriously packed with case reading, team projects and club work.  

Finding ways to manage stress will be crucial, not just in business school, but in your professional career as well. Thankfully, Brandeis provides many resources for minding your mental health. 

Brandeis Counseling Center

Probably the most important and reliable resource for students is the Brandeis Counseling Center. The Counseling Center specializes in short-term counseling and group therapy. After an initial new patient assessment, the counselors will help pick the program that is right for you. They offer extended hours on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, so that it’s easier to fit counseling time into your schedule. Most importantly, they offer urgent hours each day, so don’t hesitate if you need to be seen right away. 

Connect with Peers


They say misery loves company but there is also power in finding others with a shared experience. If you’re struggling with the stress of classes, reach out to people in your class or project group. While it doesn't reduce the workload, knowing you’re not alone can be a huge mood booster. 

If it’s helpful, set a regular social time to connect with the friends you make in class. Grab your preferred drink and make the time homework-free. 

Set aside time for self-care


Another way to mind your mental health in business school is to set aside time for self care. As someone in business school, your calendar is probably your best friend — put self-care time on the calendar. Whether it’s a 15-minute screen-free break every day to drink a cup of coffee or a weekly event, block out the time and hold it as an immovable part of your schedule. This is great practice for setting boundaries later in your career!

Here are some fun ideas for self care time:

  • Spa Time! — Make the time to pamper yourself! This can be anything from taking a bubble bath, painting your nails, doing a face mask or anything in between. If you don’t have time to commit to a block of time to do these things, start small by creating a daily skin-care routine, or unwinding with a glass of wine and a fragrant candle.
  • Make time for your favorite hobby — Whether you’re a gamer, soccer fanatic or an aspiring crafter, find time each week to focus on your hobby. Who knows, maybe it’ll even spark an idea for your next entrepreneurial venture. 
  • Watch that new TV show — Set down your books and close your computer and watch that show that everyone has been raving about. Immerse yourself in another world — preferably one where the protagonist isn't a stressed-out student. 
  • Find a quiet spot and read — If you’re not interested in giving your eyes a break, grab that novel you haven’t had time for and make your favorite hot drink, curl up in your favorite chair or cozy .
Move your Body


A great way to boost your mood is with the endorphins released from moving your body. 

  • As a student you’ll have access to the amazing Brandeis Gosman Sports Center. Set aside some “you” time by scheduling a workout or a quick swim. 
  • Knock out two mood-boosters at once with a walk around campus with some classmates. Or, you could walk over to Moody Street in Waltham and grab some brunch or ice cream!
Find a special interest group or club

Similar to taking a break from school work with peers, another great way to unwind is with a Brandeis club or special interest group. Brandeis International Business School has a wide variety of clubs and organizations—everything from career-focused clubs (like the International Marketing Club and the Data Analytics Club) or social groups (like the LGBTQ+ Business Student Association and the International Business Women Club). Finding other students with similar interests will give you a boost to your mood (and your network!).

Get outta town!


Sometimes the best way to get a break is to get away from it all. New England is full of adventures accessible by all modes of transportation. 

  • Do you love being by the water? The ocean is a train ride away from Campus! We recommend Castle Island in South Boston — it has a great little beach and spots for picnicking. 
  • If you miss the bustle of the big city, Boston will be your go-to destination. After a quick train, bus or car ride, grab a cup of coffee from one of the many downtown cafes and take a long walk through Boston Common and the Public Gardens. There are a lot of historical sights to enjoy! 
  • Boston is also a museum-lover's haven! We recommend the Museum of Fine Arts or the Museum of Science, but New England has something for everyone! Also, many museums have student discounts — call or check online for details before your visit.

We hope you’ve found some useful resources for minding your mental health while in business school. Of course, if you try these recommendations and you still find you’re overwhelmed, chat with your professors or academic advisor or contact the Brandeis Counseling Center. 

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