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Course # Course Title
RBIF 100 Bioinformatics Scripting and Databases with Python
RBIF 101 Structural Bioinformatics
RBIF 102 Molecular Biology, Genetics, and Disease
RBIF 106 Drug Discovery and Development
RBIF 108 Computational Systems Biology
RBIF 109 Biological Sequence Analysis
RBIF 110 Cheminformatics
RBIF 111 Biomedical Statistics with R
RBIF 112 Mathematical Modeling for Bioinformatics
RBIF 114 Molecular Profiling and Biomarker Discovery
RBIF 115 Statistical Genetics
RBIF 120 Research Topics in Computational Biology
RBIF 290 Special Topics in Bioinformatics
RBOT 205 Mathematics and Algorithm Design for Robotics
RBOT 210 Modern C++ and Robotics Frameworks
RBOT 215 Data Intensive Software Systems for Robotics
RBOT 220 Systems Design and Architecture for Robotics
RBOT 225 Python for Robotics and AI
RBOT 230 Robot Sensing and Perception
RBOT 235 Robot-Human Collaboration
RBOT 240 Machine Learning
RBOT 250 Robot Manipulation, Planning and Control
RBOT 260 Use Cases for Robotics Systems
RBOT 280 Capstone I
RBOT 281 Capstone II
RBOT 290 Special Topics in Robotics Software Engineering
RCOM 202 Communication for Effective Leadership
RDFT 101 The New Economy: Global Disruption and the Emergence of FinTech
RDFT 110 FinTech: The Evolution of Technology for Financial Services
RDFT 120 Analysis for Professionals
RDFT 130 Launching FinTech Ventures
RDFT 150 Strategic Planning
RDFT 160 Python Programming
RDFT 190 Digital Innovation for FinTech Capstone Project
RDFT 290 Special Topics in Digital Innovation for FinTech
RDMD 102 Digital Marketing Strategy
RDMD 110 Search Engine Marketing and Optimization
RDMD 120 Writing for Digital Environments
RDMD 130 Multichannel Marketing Campaigns
RDMD 135 Conversion Rate Optimization
RDMD 150 Digital Imaging, Video, and Media Production
RDMD 160 Ethics in Digital Design and Marketing
RDMD 290 Special Topics in Digital Marketing and Design
RHIN 110 Perspectives on Health/Medical Information Systems
RHIN 115 Health Data and Electronic Health Records (EHRs)
RHIN 120 Health/Medical Information Systems Security
RHIN 125 Data Analytics and Decision Support for Health Informatics
RHIN 126 Advanced Healthcare Data Analytics
RHIN 130 Healthcare Delivery in the U.S.
RHIN 150 Emerging Technologies in Health/Medical Informatics
RHIN 160 Legal Issues in Health and Medical Informatics
RHIN 170 Clinical Business Issues in Health Informatics
RHIN 180 Strategic Application of IT in Healthcare
RHIN 185 Population Health Informatics
RHIN 190 Advanced HMI Systems Security and Risk Management
RHIN 200 Health/Medical Informatics Independent Study Project
RHIN 290 Special Topics in Health and Medical Informatics
RIAS 101 Foundations of Information Security
RIAS 102 Information Security Management
RIAS 110 Identity Management and Access Control
RIAS 115 Information Technology Forensics and Investigations
RIAS 120 Securing Applications, Web Services, and Software-As-A-Service (SAAS)
RIAS 125 Principles of Computer Incident Response and Investigation
RIAS 140 Cloud Security
RIAS 150 Principles of Risk Management in Information Security
RIAS 155 Secure Mobile Applications and Data
RIAS 172 Network Security
RIAS 175 Information Security and Compliance
RIAS 180 Leading Security in Complex Organizations
RIDT 101 Principles of Learning Experience Design
RIDT 110 Foundations of Instructional Technology for E-Learning
RIDT 115 Digital Ethics & The Legal Landscape of Instructional Design
RIDT 120 Learning Management Systems for Course Development
RIDT 130 Advanced Learning Experience Design and Assessment Strategies
RIDT 140 Managing Learning Experience Design Projects
RIDT 150 Learning Experience Design Practicum
RIDT 155 Business Requirements Analysis
RIDT 165 Adaptive and Game-Based E-Learning Design
RIDT 170 Interactive Multimedia Courseware Design
RIDT 180 Learning Analytics
RIDT 290 Special Topics in Learning Experience Design
RMGT 101 Perspectives on Information Technology
RMGT 102 Strategic Information Technology: Operational Strategy
RMGT 103 Strategic Information Technology: Organizational Strategy
RMGT 110 Organizational Leadership and Decision Making
RMGT 120 Legal and Ethical Practices in IT
RMGT 125 Managing Technology Professionals
RMGT 160 Managing Change and Innovation
RMGT 180 Crisis Response and Business Continuity Management
RMGT 290 Special Topics in Technology Management
RPJM 101 Foundations of Project Management
RPJM 103 Project Scheduling and Cost Management
RPJM 110 Risk Management in Projects and Programs
RPJM 113 Negotiating and Conflict Resolution
RPJM 115 Challenges in Project Management
RPJM 117 Program Management: Theory and Practice
RPJM 118 Procurement and Contract Management
RPJM 119 The Human Side of Project Leadership
RPJM 130 Demystifying Agile Project Management
RPJM 290 Special Topics in Project and Program Management
RSAN 101 Foundations of Data Science and Analytics
RSAN 110 Business Intelligence, Analytics and Strategic Decision Making
RSAN 120 Statistics and Data Analysis
RSAN 130 Strategic Analytics and Visualization for Big Data
RSAN 140 Marketing and Customer Analytics
RSAN 150 Data Quality and Governance
RSAN 160 Predictive Analytics
RSAN 175 Analytics Strategy and Management
RSAN 177 Data Security, Privacy and Ethics
RSAN 190 Project Management for Analytics
RSAN 290 Special Topics in Strategic Analytics
RSEG 102 Software Development in Java
RSEG 103 Software Development in C++
RSEG 105 Expert Software Development in Java
RSEG 109 Object-Oriented Design with UML
RSEG 120 Software Development Methodologies
RSEG 126 Release Control and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (DevOps)
RSEG 127 Software Engineering Studio
RSEG 128 User Interface Design
RSEG 131 Software Testing Techniques
RSEG 155 Functional Programming with Java and Scala
RSEG 161 Web Development Technologies
RSEG 165 Design Patterns
RSEG 167 Microservices Architecture and Development
RSEG 170 Database Management
RSEG 171 Data Warehousing and Data Mining
RSEG 175 Mobile Applications and Responsive Web Design
RSEG 176 Cloud Computing
RSEG 181 Agile Software Development
RSEG 182 Advanced JavaScript Programming
RSEG 290 Special Topics in Software Engineering
RUCD 101 User Experience Design
RUCD 120 Cognitive and Social Psychology of User-Centered Design
RUCD 130 Information Architecture
RUCD 140 Research Methods
RUCD 150 Design Ideation and Prototyping
RUCD 160 Information Visualization Theory and Techniques
RUCD 170 Design Operation and Leadership
RUCD 180 UX Design Processes
RUCD 185 Design of Non-Screen User Experiences
RUCD 190 Capstone in User-Centered Design
RUCD 290 Special Topics in User-Centered Design

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