Korean Language Courses

Visit the registrar's website for the most up-to-date course listings for the Korean Language program.

KOR 10a: Beginning Korean (Two Sections)

KOR 10a is designed for college students who intend to build a solid foundation in beginning-level Korean. It is assumed that students have little or no knowledge of Korean. Upon the successful completion of the course, students will be able to communicate in everyday situations in simple Korean. Topics include greetings, talking about campus life and family, numbers and telling time, the course of daily life and weekend plans. Students will also be exposed to important information on culture, contemporary issues and traditions in Korea through video clips and films.

KOR 20b: Continuing Korean (Two Sections)

This class is a continuation of KOR 10a. Students who did not take KOR 10a need to be assessed through a placement test before they attend this class. In KOR 20b, students learn fundamental and comprehensive grammar appropriate to the basic level. Students are expected to continuously build standard Korean language skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. Students will be able to read and write short Korean paragraphs and be able to carry simple yet proper conversations in everyday life situations by the end of the semester. KOR 20b is designed primarily to enhance students' basic language skills with the integration of cultural topics such as films, video clips and poems.

KOR 30a: Intermediate Korean

In KOR 30a, students further develop the range of communicative language skills attained in the beginning-level courses with reading and writing exercises involving more complicated grammar patterns and vocabulary. By the end of the semester, students will be able to read and write a variety of intermediate-level Korean texts and carry socially appropriate conversations in most daily life situations and some formal situations (e.g., discussions, presentations, etc.). KOR 30a is designed to further develop students' spoken and written language proficiency with the integration of cultural components such as movies, short video (drama/movie) clips, literature (e.g., poem) and presentations.

KOR 40b: Advanced Intermediate Korean

This class is a continuation of KOR 30a, Intermediate Korean. Students who did not take KOR 30a will need to contact the instructor, Eun-Jo Lee, for permission to enroll. KOR 40b is designed to continue the development of advanced oral and literacy (reading and writing) skills. Students will have opportunities to improve their oral and written communication skills through discussions, presentations, compositions based upon various readings, writing workshops and Korean movies. We will also develop knowledge of formal and business Korean (e.g., job interviews, resumé writing, research paper presentations and writing, etc.). The class will be conducted entirely in Korean. If interested, contact Eun-Jo Lee.