Rotating Chair

Neuro Kinetics rotating chairThe rotating chair is powered by a Neuro Kinetics, Inc. (NKI) 160 ft lb Continuous Torque/320 ft lb Peak Torque servomotor rate table. An integrated low noise mechanical bearing system provides quiet operation with high loads.

The chair has a maximum velocity up to 360 degrees/second with nominal acceleration up to 2000o/sec2 at 4 ft lb sec2 load inertia and a maximum of 3500o/sec2 at 4 ft lb sec2 load inertia.

System electronics are contained in a NEMA enclosure with a free standing isolation transformer. The system is controlled by a PLC that is interfaced via a touch screen interface and data collection computer. The high torque rotation servomotor rate table uses a single turn absolute encoder with sin/cos 1 Vpp, +/- 20 seconds accuracy, 2048 periods per revolution, interpolated to 13 bits per period.