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ICNS - International Cultural Neuroscience Society

A graphic of a silouhette of a head with a globe inside.October 8, 2020, Fully Virtual

Conference Mission

In light of the growing interest in studying culture and diverse populations and how these factors mutually interact with our psychology and biology, we are organizing a small virtual meeting this Fall to continue to develop the field of Cultural Neuroscience in partnership with the International Cultural Neuroscience Society (ICNS). Talks at the meeting touch on two guiding themes: Health and Wellbeing and Lifespan Development. We will have prerecorded talks from researchers in cultural neuroscience and related fields as well as lightning talks, digital posters and an online discussion forum.

A collage of the ICNS 2020 Conference Speakers

Conference Speakers

Pin-Hao Andy Chen

National Taiwan University

Same movie, different movie: how cultural differences shape our experiences when watching naturalistic stimuli

Bobby Cheon

Nanyang Technological University; Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences (A*STAR)

The diversity of cultural diversity: Predictors of (in)tolerance of distinct patterns of culture mixing

George Christopoulos

Nanyang Technological University

Culture, Offices and Nature

Joshua Goh

National Taiwan University

Age and Cultural Differences in Value-Based Decision-Making

Shihui Han

Peking University

Distinct racial and gender categorization of faces in response to adaptive demands

Ying-yi Hong

Chinese University of Hong Kong

East-West connections: Dynamic Cultural Influences on Brain and Cognition

Pilyoung Kim

University of Denver

Poverty and the Developing Brain

Shinobu Kitayama

University of Michigan

How culture shapes the mind: Brain plasticity and the diversity of mentality

Elizabeth Losin

University of Miami

The cultural neuroscience of pain

Yang Qu
Northwestern University

Cultural Stereotypes of Teens: Implications for Adolescent Adjustment and Brain Development

Registration has closed, please email Angela Gutchess with any questions.

Conference Organizers

Angela Gutchess
Brandeis University,

Joshua Goh
National Taiwan University

Elizabeth Losin
University of Miami

Danielle Schwartz
Brandeis University, Staff Organizer

For more information about the International Cultural Neuroscience Society, please visit their website.