Degree Options

Do you feel called to do strategic, meaningful work on behalf of the Jewish community? Do you envision yourself at the helm of a Jewish organization, in America or elsewhere in the world? If so, consider the highly selective Hornstein Jewish Professional Leadership Program.

Graduate Degree Programs

MA in Jewish Professional Leadership (NEW!)

The MA in Jewish Professional Leadership is for anyone currently working in the Jewish community who wants the foundational knowledge and skills to become a more effective leader. The program is undertaken in 12 months of residential, full-time study.

Dual Degrees

Hornstein dual-degrees are for those working in the Jewish community who seek graduate level education that integrates both the foundational knowledge and skills of Jewish Professional Leadership with those of a second degree. Graduates complete the program in 21 months of residential, full-time study. All graduates receive an MA in Jewish Professional Leadership and one of the following:

Each track is a dynamic, innovative program that combines carefully selected academic courses, field experience, and international travel. We have designed them all to give you the knowledge and skills you’ll need to be an effective and creative leader shaping a better future for Jews everywhere.

BA/MA for Brandeis Undergraduates

The Hornstein BA/MA degree supplements undergraduate study in any discipline. It is designed for those who seek to work in the Jewish community or pursue further graduate study in a field related to Jewish studies. It is achieved in a fifth (graduate) year of study.

Careers and Alumni

Whichever track you choose, you’ll emerge prepared to play an active role in the 21st-century Jewish community with an incomparable network of Hornstein peers, faculty, alumni and leading national and international Jewish leaders. Our nearly 700 Hornstein alumni are currently making a difference in organizations all over the world.

Why Brandeis?

Founded in the year of Israel’s independence, Brandeis is a secular, research-intensive university that is built on the foundation of Jewish history and experience and dedicated to Jewish values such as a respect for scholarship, critical thinking and making a positive difference in the world.

We are home to one of the oldest and largest Jewish studies programs outside of the State of Israel as well as many related centers and institutes. Our library houses one of the best collections of Hebraica and Judaica in the nation.