Hornstein Jewish Professional Leadership Program

Why a Hornstein Degree?

Hornstein graduates are uniquely prepared to become leaders of the Jewish community.

Effective leadership is complex, requiring deep knowledge, vision and a range of managerial, analytic and relationship skills. At Hornstein, learning takes place in classrooms, through field experiences and a range of co-curricular activities. The educational setting is intimate, with students and faculty collaborating as learners, and with a host of program options designed to meet the needs of individual students. Hornstein graduates are grounded in knowledge about contemporary Jewry, and have the ability to frame issues and apply skills essential for complex problem solving.

Hornstein graduates are alumni of Brandeis University.

Brandeis, the youngest member of the most prestigious group of U.S. research universities, was founded by the members of the Jewish community with a commitment to academic excellence and social justice. Hornstein graduates, in key leadership positions around the world, are widely respected.