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Executive Positions

See list of executive positions currently available at the university.

Faculty Positions

All full-time faculty positions are advertised in the Chronicle of Higher Education or the National Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC). Adjunct faculty positions are offered on individual departmental or school websites and you can find a list of these units at

Internal Employment Opportunities

Employees of Brandeis, excluding undergraduate and graduate student employees and temporary employees, should search for new job opportunities via Brandeis University Self Service (BUSS).

Students and temporary employees should apply as external applicants.

To apply for a Brandeis position:

  1. Login to BUSS with your UNet ID and password
  2. Under "Recruiting Activities," click on the “Careers” link
  3. Click on a position title for job description and position details
  4. Click “Apply Now” to apply for the selected position
  5. Upload your resumé and cover letter as a single document

Follow these steps, and your resumé will be submitted to Human Resources for review.