Grants Program

two women stand in front of a reception table for an event

Rebecca Chen, left, and Rebecca Tsai prepare for their 2017 BPA-funded event, "English Language Learning Initiative Celebration."

The Brandeis Pluralism Alliance operates a competitive grants program for student- and faculty-initiated projects that address issues of identity, pluralism and unity. Awards are made once in the fall and once in the spring.

Grant size depends on the number and quality of applications, but typically does not exceed $450. Grants may be used to fund or subsidize most events, publications, seminars, workshops, performances, art projects, service projects and retreats that promote ideas inherent in pluralism and unity at Brandeis. They may not be used for stipends to students, faculty or staff.

Preference is given to applications from teams of two individuals representing diverse backgrounds, e.g., an instructor and student, or individuals from different clubs, races, religions or nationalities.

Grant Procedures

  1. Apply for a Brandeis Pluralism Alliance grant via the online grant application form.
  2. Shortly after the grant application deadline has passed, the BPA Steering Committee will meet to determine which applications will be funded. Approximately two weeks after the application due date, you will receive an email notification stating whether or not your project has received funding.
  3. Student grant recipients will be asked to consult with a BPA Steering Committee liaison about project planning and implementation after receiving approval of an award. All grant recipients are required to acknowledge Brandeis Pluralism Alliance grant support in all publicity.
  4. One member of each grant recipient’s project team is required to attend an informational meeting to learn how to access grant funding. Funds will not be distributed if at least one project team member does not attend the meeting or meet with the assigned BPA liaison. Meeting dates will be posted here when they have been determined.