Executive Committee Motion Regarding Divestment/Disinvestment in Companies Doing Business in Sudan-February 12, 2008

Resolved: That the Executive Committee, having voted on February 15, 2006, to prohibit direct investment of the University’s endowment assets in the government of Sudan or in companies that are complicit with Sudan’s genocidal policies, modifies those specific prohibitions to include only those companies that:

  1. Engage in business with actors or projects that directly or indirectly benefit the government of Sudan through providing revenue or arms to the government or by enhancing the government’s capacity to resist international pressure on Darfur; AND
  2. Provide minimal benefit to those outside of government or the small circle of government supporters based mainly in the Khartoum state; AND
  3. Have no significant corporate governance policy to address how a company’s business in Sudan may contribute to the genocide in Darfur.

Unless other means are established by the Office of Investment Management to identify such companies, the above policy shall be executed by consulting, on a quarterly basis, a list promulgated by the Sudan Divestment Task Force.