Richard Gaskins
Proskauer Chair in Law and Social Welfare
781-736-3028 Brown Social Science Center 313

Expertise: Comparative law and social welfare, global justice and human rights, economic philosophies, legal argumentation

Dan Breen
Lecturer in Legal Studies
781-736-3024 Brown Social Science Center, 324

Expertise: American Law, History of the Early Republic

Melissa Stimell
Associate Professor of the Practice and Internship and Director for the Legal Studies Program
2018-2019 Interim Director, Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life
781-736-8577 Abraham Shapiro Academic Complex, 308

Expertise: attorney, conflict resolution, legislative advocacy at the state level, represented vulnerable populations in such areas as, criminal law, discrimination of individuals with disabilities and child welfare, co-lead Brandeis Summer in The Hague

Affiliated Faculty

Anita Hill
University Professor of Social Policy, Law, and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies
781-736-3896 Heller-Brown Building, 374

Expertise: Anti-Discrimination Law and Policy (Gender and Race)

Chandler Rosenberger
Assistant Professor of International and Global Studies and Sociology
781-736-2638 Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for the Humanities, 106

Expertise: nationalism, sociology of religion, comparative and historical sociology

Andreas Teuber
Associate Professor of Philosophy
781-736-2787 Rabb Graduate Center, 330

Expertise: political philosophy, philosophy of law, democratic theory, philosophy of art, liberty and equality, natural kinds and human kinds, the internationalization of human rights, duty to rescue law, R2P, criminal attempt law, felony murder, international rules of war and micro-legal systems, civil engagement and civil resistance, the philosophy of John Stuart Mill, the case against the secret ballot, representation in painting, photography and film

Michael Willrich
Leff Families Professor of History
781-736-2292 Olin-Sang American Civilization Center, 217

Expertise: United States social, legal and political history

Peter Woll
Professor of Politics
781-736-2768 Golding Judaica Center, 117

Areas of Expertise: American politics and government, administrative law, Congress

Adjunct Faculty

Sarah Elisabeth Curi
Lecturer in Health: Science, Society and Policy, and in Legal Studies

Expertise: practicing health care attorney

Rosalind E.W. Kabrhel
Lecturer in Legal Studies
781-736-3029 Brown Social Science Center, 320

Expertise: law Practice: civil rights and discrimination, appeals; policy: issue advocacy, political investigations, due diligence research, drafting legislation and policy briefs; academics: civil rights/wrongful convictions, constitutional law, trial advocacy

Alice A Noble
Adjunct Lecturer in The Heller School for Social Policy and Management

Expertise: health care reform and the Affordable Care Act, health law, medical ethics, genetics and the law, public health and the law, medical malpractice, managed care

Douglas L Smith
Joshua A. Guberman Teaching Fellow and Lecturer in Legal Studies
781-736-3029 Brown Social Science Center, 320